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Bellwether Automated Roasting System.

100% electric and fully automated, Bellwether enables any business to source and roast their own incredible coffee at the touch of a button.

Bellwether Series 2

Our most consistent, durable and efficient roaster yet ‑ with 50% more roasting capacity per hour, enhanced cooling in under 4 minutes, a built‑in touchscreen and our most intuitive software to date.
  • Automated Roast Control
  • Ventless Roasting
  • Digital Roast Profiles
  • Adaptive Closed Loop System
  • Advanced Cooling Tray
Roasts 6 lbs at a time
3 roasts per hour
2 min of labor
Incredible Coffee. Real Impact. Made Simple.

Innovative technology for incredible coffee.

Automated Roast Control

Automated Roast Control is a user-friendly interface allowing anyone to roast craft quality coffee with no experience required. Simply select a coffee and Digital Roast Profile to begin roasting.

Adaptive Closed Loop System

Our Adaptive Closed Loop System provides superior consistency, and the most precise thermal control of any commercial roaster.

Digital Roast Profiles

Digital Roast Profiles are software versions of handcrafted roasts accessible on your Bellwether with the touch of a button. Profiles are created by Bellwether’s master roasters and customizable to meet any style.

Bellwether Marketplace

The Bellwether Marketplace is an ecommerce store for high quality, sustainably sourced green coffees from around the world. Every coffee comes with Digital Roast Profiles for every roast style.
Source and roast incredible coffee.

A roasting business in a box.

Green coffee on demand.

The Bellwether Marketplace is a curated menu of high quality, ethically sourced coffees, ready to roast on your Bellwether with our customizable digital roast profiles.

Plug in and roast.

The easiest installation of any commercial roaster, all you need is a standard 220 outlet and internet connection. No construction, gas lines or permits necessary.

Anyone can roast.

Our innovative roasting software and Digital Roast Profiles allow anyone to roast artisan coffee at the touch of a button, no experience required.

A more profitable coffee program.

Grow your business with Bellwether.

Save 30-50% on coffee costs.

Sell your own brand of coffee.

Grow revenues 3-5X.

How Bellwether compares.

Roasting your own coffee with Bellwether gives you better coffee, better economics and bigger impact than both traditional gas roasters and wholesale coffee roasters.

Bellwether roaster
Gas Roaster
Wholesale coffee
No expertise required
Lowest carbon footprint
Fresh on‑demand roasting
Lowest cost per pound (COGS and Labor)
No construction or permits
Dedicated customer success manager
Sell online and wholesale
Customizable coffee menu
Highest standards for farmer equity

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