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Responsible sourcing

A better way to buy green coffee.

Quality. Equity. Sustainability.

Bellwether coffee buying principles.

Farmer-centric Pricing

We are committed to raising the industry standard by paying farmers equitable prices that enable them to earn a living income.

Ongoing relationships

We develop direct relationships with our farm partners and work to sign year-after-year contracts, providing long-term stability to help farm communities thrive.

Gender Equity

We buy coffee from women producers whenever possible, providing financial empowerment to women across our supply chain.

Invest in farm communities

We provide financial resources directly to our farm partners, enabling them to fund projects that support their local communities.


We foster 2-way transparency with our farm and retail partners to create more accountability and trust across the coffee supply chain.
Making a difference

Impact programs to create a better future for coffee.

Supporting farmers’ livelihoods

Verified Living Income

Verified Living Income is a new pricing model designed to meet coffee farmers’ livelihood needs. Rooted in transparency, VLI determines the minimum price farmers need to be paid for their coffee to earn a living income.
Investing in farm communities

Tip the Farmer

Tip the Farmer™ is a turnkey impact program allowing retailers to fund community projects where they source their coffee. Projects are initiated by the farmers to support their workers, their communities, and their land.
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