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Tip the Farmer™

Investing in farm communities

Building connections across the coffee supply chain

Tip the Farmer™ is a turnkey impact program that economically empowers coffee farmers and builds a direct connection for coffee drinkers to pay a ‘tip’ to the producer behind each cup. Tip the Farmer™ is not a substitution for paying higher wages — our Sustainable Buying Principles ensure farmers receive fair wages. We launched Tip the Farmer™ to enable coffee drinkers to have a more direct relationship with and impact on coffee farmers, and give coffee farmers agency to choose how to invest extra money where needed.

Here's how it works

Your cafe enrolls in Tip the Farmer™ and receives a toolkit to market your participation in the program.

You add a 5¢ surcharge to every cup of coffee.

We bill you at the end of the month and distribute 100% of the money to farmers.

Farmers choose how they want to invest the money into their farms and communities.

We share stories on who the money was distributed to, how it was used, and the impact it created.

A Story

Magia del Campo

The first beneficiary of Tip the Farmer™ was a coffee cooperative in Planadas, Tolima, Colombia named Asociación de Productores Agropecuarios de Café Especial de Planadas (ASOPEP) who produced the Magia del Campo coffee in our Marketplace. ASOPEP is a relatively young organization who has already become a leader in the region‑‑once rocked by violence‑‑by working against antiquated perceptions that Tolima was a hostile place for investors and building a reputation based on quality, reliability, and transparency.
Through Tip the Farmer™, coffee shops raised an initial almost $3,000 that ASOPEP received in April 2020, just in‑time to help them mitigate the risks of COVID‑19. ASOPEP purchased PPE for all of the healthcare workers. They also launched an initiative to deliver essential services to producers living outside of town to protect producers from contracting the coronavirus.
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