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Join a Bellwether event to learn more about our All‑New Automated Roasting System and discuss all things coffee.

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A Roast Conversation with Candice Madison

In this first Bellwether Roast Lab webinar, we did a deep dive with internationally renowned SCA instructor and Q Grader, Candice Madison. We talked with Candice about their experience developing award‑winning coffees from farm to cup, as well as the role of roasting technology in the making of delicious coffee:
"The thing is with the Bellwether that’s most startling to the roasting community of old is that it takes a lot of the ego out of roasting. You don’t have to stand there and look fancy... Because actually you’ve done all the work beforehand; you’ve instructed the machine what to do. That’s what we do these days. That’s what technology is about." ‑ Candice Madison.
Watch the recording any time, and join us every month to learn and interact in our Bellwether Roast Lab and Customer Roundtable webinars.

Live Series 2 Demo at South LA Cafe during Coffee Fest

During Coffee Fest Los Angeles, Bellwether is hosting a live demo of our Series 2 roaster just 4 miles from the Convention Center at South LA Cafe. Join us for light bites, a live demo and a talk with owners Celia and Joe Ward‑Wallace.
Monday, August 29, 2022 ⁠⁠4:30‑5.30 pm South LA Cafe ⁠⁠1700 Browning Boulevard ⁠⁠Los Angeles, CA 90062

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