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Our mission

Empowering everyone to sustainably source and roast incredible coffee.

Founded in 2013, Bellwether created an all‑electric and ventless coffee roasting system.

Bellwether enables any retailer to source sustainable green coffees and roast craft quality coffee without prior experience.
Join us in creating a better future for the entire coffee industry–one that is sustainable for the environment, equitable for farmers, and accessible to all communities.

Starting something that matters.

Before coffee, I was in wine, and before wine, I was in tech. After almost ten years in tech, I became disillusioned with it. I decided to find something that could contribute to society, which would be a good model for my daughter to look up to and feel motivated to follow her passion for contributing to our community...
The future is now.

If you believe in a better future for the coffee industry, there is a place for you at Bellwether.

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