The Relationships and Realities Behind Sustainable Sourcing


Join Bellwether for a behind‑the‑scenes look into the work it takes to bring truly sustainable coffees to market. Together we’ll define the term Relationship Coffee, and discuss efforts across the globe to establish long‑term trade partnerships for more equity at every juncture along the supply chain. The webinar will include a mix of special guests and the Bellwether team. Bring your questions and join the conversation as we explore how together we can create a more stable coffee industry for all. Panelists: Ivan Hartanto | Co‑founder, Director of Growth & Sales at Be‑lift Green Beans www.beliftgreenbeans.com Ruth Ann Church | President of Artisan Coffee Imports in the US https://artisancoffeeimports.com/ Grayson Caldwell, Senior Sustainability Manager, Bellwether Coffee Gabriel Boscana, Green Coffee Buyer, Bellwether Coffee

A Juiced Up Coffee Business: Adding Coffee Roasting to your Established Business


When Manny Carral opened his San Antonio-based juice shop ten years ago, he never imagined coffee could become 30% of his overall business. Today, Manny not only sells his own coffee, he roasts too, and he’s poised to install a second Bellwether roaster to keep up with growing customer demand at his three locations.

Customer Roundtable: Blazing Trails in Roasting with Series 2


Three cafe owners talk about how the Bellwether Series 2 roaster helped them start serving higher-quality coffee beans, manage the roasting process instead of relying on inconsistent wholesalers, add new revenue streams, increase overall sales, and reduce costs. Owners featured: Adrian Badger of Steeltown Coffee & Tea, SJ Garrett of Buenas Coffee, and Kyle Stillman of Sociology Coffee Bar & Roaster.

Unlocking Potential: The benefits of roasting coffee in-house


Three cafe owners talk about how roasting their own coffee changed the game for their businesses, saved money, increased revenue, and built better brand loyalty. Owners of Rootless Coffee, Seabird Coffee, and Sunflour Bakery discuss how they’re using onsite roasting to help grow into multiple cafes, and how to get started on your own roasting journey even if you don’t know how.

Building from Scratch: Starting and growing a roasting business in a year like no other


Hear from the owners of Sip & Sonder and Wellborn Coffee about what it’s really like to start and run a company, why they got into roasting from wholesale, and what strategies have worked for them to grow their businesses, even during Covid. A candid discussion about the success and challenge of cafe ownership.
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