The future is electric.

Our mission is to electrify coffee roasting and empower everyone to sustainably source and roast their own incredible coffee.

Join us in creating a better future for the entire coffee industry. The Bellwether all-electric and fully automated roaster is making the coffee industry more sustainable for the environment, more equitable for farmers, and accessible to all communities.

The Bellwether Automated Roasting System

Bellwether is the world's only all‑electric, ventless coffee roaster for cafes. Roast fresh coffee on‑demand with just 2 minutes of labor per roast and no experience required.
Bellwether is the simplest commercial roaster to install, no need for gas lines or ventilation. Just plug in and roast for incredible artisan coffee any time.

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Introducing Bellwether On-Demand and Bellwether Hub


The future of coffee - How Bellwether’s mission to electrify roasting and enable any business to serve their own brand of fresh-roasted coffee is shaping new products for 2023.

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The coffee industry has long been a target for environmentally-minded critics, and it’s no surprise why. Single-use plastics are commonplace, food waste is abundant, and deforestation at origin hurts us all.

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Take a stroll around coffee websites, packaging, and social media, and you’re sure to encounter language like ethical, sustainable, and fair. It sounds great—who doesn’t want to support fair and ethical sourcing?
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