Starting a roasting business

How to Find and Evaluate Used Commercial Coffee Roasters


Buying a used commercial coffee roaster for your cafe? Don’t leave home before reading this guide.

The Case for Electric Coffee Roasting


Let’s explore why electric coffee roasters are here to stay: environmental impacts, the future of coffee, greater roasting accessibility, and more.

Introducing Bellwether On-Demand and Bellwether Hub


The future of coffee - How Bellwether’s mission to electrify roasting and enable any business to serve their own brand of fresh-roasted coffee is shaping new products for 2023.

Starting Your Own Coffee Brand: Getting Your First 1,000 Customers


Starting a new coffee brand? Here are practical tips for how to get your first 1,000 customers, whether you’re a new coffee shop or a coffee roaster.

Customer Roundtable: Blazing Trails in Roasting with Series 2


Three cafe owners talk about how the Bellwether Series 2 roaster helped them start serving higher-quality coffee beans, manage the roasting process instead of relying on inconsistent wholesalers, add new revenue streams, increase overall sales, and reduce costs. Owners featured: Adrian Badger of Steeltown Coffee & Tea, SJ Garrett of Buenas Coffee, and Kyle Stillman of Sociology Coffee Bar & Roaster.

The Sustainable Micro-Roastery Is the 4th Wave of Coffee


Coffee’s fourth wave is here. Are you ready for it? We’ll show you what to expect for the next coffee movement and how to prepare.

Roast Lab With Candice Madison: A Deep-Dive into Roasting Science and Mechanics


What does a sample roaster do for a coffee roasting business? Find out how it’s used, why it’s not always necessary, and see industry-approved recommendations.
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