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Our Green Scorecard

We use a tiered-rating system to assess our coffee portfolio and identify opportunities to continuously improve our supply chain. Our goal is to move all green coffees in our Marketplace to Verified Living Income. We will evaluate and share our performance every year as part of our annual impact report.

Farmer‑centric Pricing

A‑ Verified Living Income
Contract was signed using primary data, ensuring producers were paid a living income.
B‑ Living Income‑based Pricing
Contract price paid indicates that a living income‑based price was paid based on secondary data.
C‑ Lack Living Income Benchmark
Living Income Benchmark not established in this country of origin.
D‑ Insufficient Data
Did not have primary or secondary data to indicate a living income‑based price.
F‑ Underpaid
Scorecard indicates that the contract price paid fell below a living income‑based price.


Transparently Share Data
Two‑way transparency on coffee pricing was provided to both farm and retail partners.

Ongoing Relationships

Relationship Coffees
Percentage of producer groups with whom we have signed a contract year‑after‑year.
Traveled to Origin
Bellwether staff have met with producer group in‑person to build mutual empathy and understand producers’ realities

Investing in Farm Communities

Tip the Farmer Recipient
Second payment distributed to producer groups to invest in their communities.
Women’s Lots
Coffee purchased was produced by women.
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