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See your future with Bellwether

Bellwether delivers a better, fresher, more profitable and sustainable coffee program for any business. Roasting with Bellwether can save 30‑50% on coffee costs, increase revenue 3‑5x and grow your business sustainably for years to come. See what Bellwether can do for your business.

Incredible Coffee. Real Impact. Made Simple.

The Economics of Bellwether.

No Added Equipment

No Ventilation

No Gas Lines

Save 30‑50% on Coffee Costs

Sell 3‑5x More Coffee

Roast with Existing Staff

Calculate your savings

Typical customers see 50% savings on coffee costs over wholesale roasted and realize significant additional profit from selling their own brand of retail coffee in‑store and online.

Coffee costs

Savings per year

$ 0 

Savings over 3 years

$  0 

Additional retail profit

Additional profit per year

$ 0 

Additional profit over 3 years

$ 0 

How Bellwether Compares.

Roasting your own coffee with Bellwether gives you better coffee, better economics and bigger impact than traditional gas roasters.

Bellwether roaster
Gas Roaster
Gas Line Installation
Natural Gas
Skilled Roaster Labor
Roaster Training
Roasting Software
Green Coffee Buyer
Coffee Waste
Not Needed
Estimated Costs

Want to learn more? Let us walk you through a custom savings proposal for your business.

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