Responsible coffee sourcing

How to Identify Ethically Sourced Coffee Beans


Discover how to find and enjoy delicious coffee made from ethically sourced beans. Learn more in our latest blog post.

The Best Marketplaces To Buy Green Coffee Beans Directly From Growers


Want to buy green beans directly from growers? Had enough of dealing with importers and myriad fees? Keep reading.

Making an Impact with Bellwether - What to Know About Living Income Pricing and the Farmer Impact Fund


Learn more about how Bellwether’s industry-leading impact programs are empowering retailers to help end poverty in the Coffeelands and make a lasting impact in the lives of farmers.

How To Start Sourcing Direct Trade Green Coffee Beans


Here’s what you need to know about direct trade green coffee sourcing: how to get started, the pros and cons, and other considerations.

The Relationships and Realities Behind Sustainable Sourcing


Join Bellwether for a behind‑the‑scenes look into the work it takes to bring truly sustainable coffees to market. Together we’ll define the term Relationship Coffee, and discuss efforts across the globe to establish long‑term trade partnerships for more equity at every juncture along the supply chain. The webinar will include a mix of special guests and the Bellwether team. Bring your questions and join the conversation as we explore how together we can create a more stable coffee industry for all. Panelists: Ivan Hartanto | Co‑founder, Director of Growth & Sales at Be‑lift Green Beans Ruth Ann Church | President of Artisan Coffee Imports in the US Grayson Caldwell, Senior Sustainability Manager, Bellwether Coffee Gabriel Boscana, Green Coffee Buyer, Bellwether Coffee

Supporting women farmers: A case study of our impact work in Guatemala


Bellwether’s flagship impact programs are helping coffee retailers end poverty in the coffeelands by connecting coffee drinkers to coffee growers in groundbreaking new ways. Read on to learn about the impact Bellwether customers have had in the lives of women farmers in Guatemala.

Sustainable Coffee Shops: 8 High-Impact Strategies To Lower Your Carbon Footprint


The coffee industry has long been a target for environmentally-minded critics, and it’s no surprise why. Single-use plastics are commonplace, food waste is abundant, and deforestation at origin hurts us all.
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