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The world's only all electric, ventless coffee roaster

Cutting edge technology and artisan craftsmanship to deliver the perfect roast, every time. 

All electric, fully automated roasting system.

  • Profiles, roasts and cools coffee without ventilation or gas lines
  • Reduces co2 from the roast cycle by 87%
  • Touch‑safe sides and surfaces, safe to install in common areas

24” touchscreen with automated roast control.

Removable copper-plated hopper with touch-safe rubber collar.

Adaptive closed loop system for maximum consistency.

12 thermocouples for pinpoint accuracy

Armless cooling tray cools coffee in under 4 minutes.

Cooled coffee exits the roaster automatically, ready for packaging.

Locking wheels for easy roll-in installation and service.

Easy access to chaff bucket and water reservoir for regular cleaning.

Roaster technical specs.




Electrical specifications single phase
240 VAC, 1‑phase
50 amp circuit
36 amp max draw
Plug: 14‑50P
Electrical specifications three‑phase
208 VAC, 3‑phase
50 amp circuit
36 amp max draw
Plug: 15‑50P Delta

Simple Installation

  • No ventilation, gas lines, permitting or construction
  • No additional parts or accessories
  • Roast the same day you install

Consistency and Control

  • The most consistent, controllable roaster on the market
  • 12 thermocouples for pinpoint accuracy
  • Convection and conduction for even roasting


  • Roasts 6 pounds green coffee at a time to yield about 5 pounds of roasted coffee per batch
  • Roast and cool up to 3 batches of green coffee per hour

Size and Weight

  • 30” deep
  • 35” wide
  • 76” tall
  • 1350 lbs

Ambient Environmental Impact

  • No impact to indoor heat or humidity
  • Roaster surfaces are cool to the touch, safe for use in public and high traffic areas
  • The quietest commercial coffee roaster available
  • Advanced filtration limits ambient odor, making Bellwether suitable and safe for smaller indoor spaces. Some roasted coffee aroma will be detectable when the roaster is in operation.

Power Use

  • 2‑3 Kw/Hr per roast
  • The Bellwether requires either a 240‑volt, 50‑amp, single‑phase service, or a 208‑volt 50‑amp three‑phase service
  • The receptacle needs to be installed between 12” and 24” up the wall
  • The Bellwether Roaster Includes 6 foot (183 cm) long cord with a 15‑50 plug

Network and Connection

  • Requires a direct ethernet cable connection to a broadband internet router
  • 5mbps upload and 15mbps download speeds required

Preheat and Cooling Cycles

  • 25 minutes preheat from cold
  • 3‑10 minute charge temp return between roasts
  • End of day cooling not required

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Customers will need to empty the chaff can and water reservoir (when prompted)
  • Preventive maintenance and service will be performed by Bellwether technicians

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