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Bellwether On‑Demand

Fresh roasted, sustainable coffee to create your own retail brand or offer your employees a premium coffee through the Bellwether Network.

Local. Fresh. Sustainable.

Roast to Order.

Access a Bellwether Roaster near you to roast fresh, sustainable, high quality coffee on‑demand. Select your green coffee and roast level, or create your own custom profile. Your order goes directly to the closest available roaster in the Bellwether Network, where it is precision roasted in small 5 lb batches.
Software Powered Precision

Innovative technology provides the highest level of thermal control and consistency, for the perfect roast every time.

Fresh Roasted To Order

Every batch is roasted to order and delivered fast, creating incredible coffee with peak freshness and flavor.

Lowest Carbon Footprint

Bellwether’s patented electric and ventless design reduces 87% of the carbon footprint from roasting, producing the lowest carbon coffee on the market.

How it works.


Select Your Green Coffee

The Bellwether Marketplace offers a curated selection of ethically sourced coffees from around the world.


Select Your Roast Level

Choose a preset roast profile designed by Bellwether expert roasters ‑ light, medium, medium‑dark or dark.


Initiate Your Roast

Once complete your coffee will roast to order at the nearest Bellwether Network location and ship to you fresh.

Your Business. Your Coffee. Roasted on a Bellwether.

Small Batch Artisan Quality

Incredible Coffee

Small Batch Artisan Quality

Software Powered Precision

Sustainably Sourced


Roasted Fresh to Order

Roasted Locally

Roasted Sustainability

A Growing Network of Local, On‑Demand Bellwether Roasters.

The Bellwether Network

Nationwide and cloud‑connected, the Bellwether Network consists of Bellwether Roast Hubs and Bellwether customer locations. The Network enables on‑demand roasting of fresh, high quality, sustainable coffee across the country.

Bellwether Hubs

Bellwether Customer Locations

Your Business. Your Coffee. Roasted on a Bellwether.

Order Now with Bellwether On‑Demand

Create your own brand of fresh roasted, sustainable coffee, roasted to order on a Bellwether near you.
Serve your employees the most sustainable, fresh and delicious coffee, roasted to order on a Bellwether near you.
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