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Serve the lowest carbon coffee to your team.

Join the sustainable future of coffee.

Incredible Coffee. Real Impact. Made Simple.

The Bellwether Roasting System.

Small Batch Artisan Quality

Automatic Operation

Lowest Carbon Footprint

100% Electric and Ventless

Integrated Marketplace

Software Powered Precision

Roast Your Own Brand of Incredible Coffee with Bellwether.

Take full control of your coffee from farm to cup and deliver a superior customer experience. Roasting onsite with Bellwether saves you significant costs over wholesale, eliminates problems with freshness and consistency, and produces the lowest carbon coffee on the market.
Simple to install and simple to operate, Bellwether enables anyone to source and roast the highest quality, most sustainable coffee at the touch of a button. No gas lines, vents, construction or training required.
Grow your business with your own brand of better, fresher, more sustainable coffee.

Get in touch to learn if Bellwether is right for you.

If you’re ready to save money on coffee costs, realize additional revenue and build your unique brand of coffee beyond the four walls of your business, we're ready to partner with you.
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