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Incredible Coffee From Farm to Cup.

Every roast takes craft, precision and artistry to become your favorite cup of coffee. Bellwether provides the control, consistency, and quality you need to roast your best coffee possible.

We set out to build the most precise roasting tool imaginable. To achieve it required the most advanced technology and control possible.
Unmatched visibility into every roast.
The Bellwether Roaster contains the most thermocouples of any roaster, that are twice as sensitive than a conventional roaster. This provides the ultimate precision and control.
The industry’s most advanced roasting algorithm.
The Bellwether Roast Algorithm includes multiple nested PID loops, controlling heat in multiple parts of the drum creating the most stable and consistent temperature control possible.
Our best‑in‑class roasting chamber and industry‑leading thermal stability let you craft the perfect roast and execute it flawlessly again and again.
Consistent Recirculating Heat.
Our adaptive closed loop system heats the air inside the drum with pinpoint accuracy, whereas conventional roasters are constantly heating outside air which is inefficient and hard to control.
Unmatched Repeatability.
Even the best roasters aren’t able to repeat the exact same roast twice. Bellwether’s responsive sensors provide superior tracking, allowing the exact roast to be matched over and over again within one degree of accuracy.
Bellwether empowers your most creative and innovative roasting. The art of coffee starts with you, and Bellwether is your tool to achieve it.
Small batch sizes for endless innovation.
Bellwether enables ultimate creativity and experimentation. The small batch size allows for continual experimentation and limited edition runs without wasting significant coffee.
Draw your ideal roast curve and let the roaster do the work.
Your creativity happens before a roast even starts. Draw any roast curve and let our innovative roasting software execute your vision with total accuracy, every time.
In a blind cupping, Bellwether coffees scored higher than its gas roaster competitors in both flavor and roast quality.
Precision airflow for better flavor.
Bellwether’s high airflow roast chamber produces better clarity in each coffee and preserves aromatics and flavor better than any other roaster on the market.
The Bellwether advantage.
No matter whether you're executing a totally custom roast or a preset Digital Roast Profile hand‑crafted by our master roasters, the Bellwether will roast perfectly every time ‑ a feat not possible by even the most qualified manual roaster.
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