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Environmental sustainability

A sustainable future for the coffee industry.

We support the electrification and decentralization of the coffee industry to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve a healthy planet for future generations.

Roasting makes up 15% of the entire carbon footprint of coffee. Traditional gas roasters are not a sustainable method for roasting, creating significant carbon emissions and VOC’s. Bellwether’s all‑electric roaster reduces the carbon footprint of coffee roasting by 87%.

Roast local.

Eliminate the wasteful packaging and delivery miles of buying from a wholesaler by roasting onsite, and on demand. For a business roasting 100 pounds per week that reduction in packaging is equivalent to 20,000 single use coffee cups over a single year.

Reduce your footprint.

Any coffee retailer can significantly reduce their carbon footprint by roasting electric, reducing delivery miles, reducing packaging, and making business decisions to support the environment.
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