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Scalable and Automatic Small Batch Roasting.

The Bellwether Hub enables small batch electric roasting for high volume businesses with integrated multi‑roaster software control.

Multi‑Roaster, Software Connected System.

The Bellwether Hub

Automatic roasting hub provides the highest quality, most sustainable, small batch coffee on the market. Grow your business with unmatched consistency and freshness, whether you are in one market serving several locations, or in multiple markets across the country. The Bellwether Hub enables small batch electric roasting at scale without the need for highly trained staff.
Small Batch, High Volume

Patented small‑batch roasting system provides unmatched consistency and quality, while delivering high volume roasting across multiple connected roasters.

Automatic Operation

Anyone on your team can roast, no training required and only 2 minutes of labor per roast. One staff member can operate a four roaster hub and roast 2500 pounds per week.

Plug‑in and Roast

Simple to install and roast immediately on day one. Bellwether requires only electricity and internet to run, without the need for gas lines, vents, or specialized training.

Electric and Automatic Small Batch Roasting Operations

Roast Manager

1 Staff Member
4 Roaster Hub
2500 lbs/week
No training required

Incredible Coffee Made Simple.

Roasting Operations Simplified through Integrated Software

Bellwether Roast Manager

  • Multi‑Roaster Automation
  • Real‑Time Visibility
  • Quality Control
Integrated software interface for managing any number of roasters and locations. Its cloud‑based software provides workflow automation, real‑time visibility, production planning and individual roast QA and tracking tools‑ enabling the most efficient, connected, and simplified roasting operation.

Multi‑Roaster Automation.

Automatically Roast Large Volumes in Small Batches.


Order Placed

Receive order to roast 60 pounds of Magia del Campo Light Roast.


Roaster Prompt

Order is automatically scheduled into 12 roasts across 4 roasters and pushed to the Roaster UI.


Automated Roasting

4 roaster hub enables one staff member to roast 60 pounds of small batch coffee in under an hour.

Real‑Time Visibility

See real‑time status of every roast and every roaster.

Quality Control

Permanent record of the roasting curve and detail from every batch.

Bellwether Hub vs Traditional Gas Roasters.

2000 lbs per week

4 Roaster Hub

15 kg Gas

Precision roasting chamber has the highest thermal control with recirculating air and software powered precision with 8 advanced thermocouples.
Open air drum constantly brings in exterior air then heats and expells creating higher potential for inconsistency. Large volume makes applying the exact same heat to all beans more difficult. Still requires manual testing my trained staff to manage quality.
Production Labor
Anyone can roast, no prior experience or training required. Roasting takes 2 min of labor per roast. One untrained staff member can manage a 4 roaster Hub.
Requires one trained roaster staff and one untrained staff member.
$2k for delivery and typically $3k for electrical.
Delivery, install, electrical, HVAC, gas line, air line, water line, permits typcially $20‑30k.
Each coffee includes 4 ready to use profiles. Can edit existing profile roast curves in minutes.
Must create every profile from scratch and requires skill and training and trial and error. Creating a new profile can waste numerous batches and takes days.
Green Coffee Buying
Anyone can order via curated e‑commerce, click and ship delivery in few days.
Skilled buyer needed for contract negotation and selection across a wide range of distributors, as well as to conduct QA .
Typically 15 minutes per day‑ empty water and chaff can every 6 roasts, vacuuming at the end of every day
Typically 1 full day per week, cleaning stainless steel, greasing bolts, vacuuming, clean exhaust duct and fans.
Additional Equipment
Typically require afterburners, green coffee elevators, roast management software etc, $20‑30k on average.

Be part of the future of coffee.

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The cost benefits of roasting my own coffee were felt immediately.

Greg Vogely

Drip Cafe

It has been great controlling our own destiny with roasting.

Steve Holt

Unravel Coffee

Be part of the future of coffee.

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