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Differentiating your Coffee Business from the Competition

Customer Roundtable Webinar featuring Latitude Cafe Roasting Co.

Within 8 months, Daniel Levy went from being a newbie in the coffee world to not only owning his own cafe, but roasting his own brand of artisan coffee. Daniel’s shop, Latitude Cafe Roasting Co, is surrounded by competition, but he committed early on to differentiating his cafe from the multitude of others – and he chose the Bellwether roaster as the business asset to get him there.
Just 3 years on, Daniel’s roasting journey has rocketed the popularity of Latitude to the very top cafe in the area. With a busy storefront and a consistent roster of wholesale clients, Daniel has seen his customer base grow exponentially and change in ways he never anticipated. Join us as we talk with Daniel to learn how customer engagement and brand loyalty around his roasted coffee made the difference for his cafe, and how his business decisions have truly defined the coffee scene in the area for locals and visitors alike.
Tuesday, January 31, 2023 · 1:00‑1:45 pm (PST)

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