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Bellwether heads to the True North.

Finally, coffee shops and retailers across Canada looking to realize the many benefits of roasting in‑house can have access to the simplest and most sustainable roaster on the market.

Electric, Ventless, Automatic Roasting for Cafes.

The Bellwether Roasting System.

Small Batch Artisan Quality

Automatic Operation

Lowest Carbon Footprint

100% Electric and Ventless

Integrated Marketplace

Software Powered Precision

Roast your own brand of incredible coffee with Bellwether.

We're thrilled to announce that the revolutionary all‑electric, completely ventless and fully automated Bellwether Series 2 is now available for sale in Canada.
The Bellwether Roasting System puts you in complete control of sourcing and roasting, with full transparency from farm to cup. Bellwether's automated operation, integrated Green Coffee Marketplace, and no extra equipment, construction or training needed, make it simple for any shop to roast the freshest, most sustainable coffee available from right inside your own cafe.

Get in touch to learn if Bellwether is right for you.

If you’re ready to save money on coffee costs, realize additional revenue and build your unique brand of coffee beyond the four walls of your business, we're ready to partner with you.
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