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How to Start Selling Wholesale Coffee to Grocery Stores


One of the best opportunities for generating sustained revenue for a coffee roaster is selling to grocery stores. With just a handful of wholesale coffee customers, you can increase sales volume, spread your realm of influence, and capture more customers in new markets.

Harvesting Coffee at the Height of a Pandemic


Summer marks the time of the year when green coffee buyers and coffee roasters eagerly anticipate the arrival of fresh coffee from Central America and East Africa. It’s the time of year that radiates both a positive and nervous energy as people in the coffee industry await the coffees they purchased to land stateside.

Two Months On Us


Bellwether customers have made it clear—roasting on-site is keeping them in business.

Our Founder Story


Before coffee, I was in wine, and before wine, I was in tech. After almost ten years in tech, I became disillusioned with it.

Covid-19 & Relief for Small Businesses


If the COVID-19 crisis has put you in a position to make some tough decisions about your business, you’re not alone.

A Letter from Our CEO


To our customers, friends & family. Like you, I am saddened, hurt, and pained by all that has taken place over the last week across our country.

4 Tips to Set Up Your Online Coffee Business | Bellwether Coffee


There’s never been a better time to set up your online store.
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