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How To Start Sourcing Direct Trade Green Coffee Beans


Here’s what you need to know about direct trade green coffee sourcing: how to get started, the pros and cons, and other considerations.

The Sustainable Micro-Roastery Is the 4th Wave of Coffee


Coffee’s fourth wave is here. Are you ready for it? We’ll show you what to expect for the next coffee movement and how to prepare.

How to raise prices in your cafe - The coffee retailer’s guide to adjusting prices while maintaining loyal customers.


Every business must consider changing their prices from time to time. Here's how to do it strategically and sustainably while keeping customers happy.

Supporting women farmers: A case study of our impact work in Guatemala


Bellwether’s flagship impact programs are helping coffee retailers end poverty in the coffeelands by connecting coffee drinkers to coffee growers in groundbreaking new ways. Read on to learn about the impact Bellwether customers have had in the lives of women farmers in Guatemala.

Introducing Bellwether On-Demand and Bellwether Hub


The future of coffee - How Bellwether’s mission to electrify roasting and enable any business to serve their own brand of fresh-roasted coffee is shaping new products for 2023.

Making an Impact with Bellwether - What to Know About Living Income Pricing and the Farmer Impact Fund


Learn more about how Bellwether’s industry-leading impact programs are empowering retailers to help end poverty in the Coffeelands and make a lasting impact in the lives of farmers.

Latitude Cafe grew revenue 30% during Covid roasting 5,000lbs per month by joining the Bellwether Network.


Read how joining the Bellwether Network helped Latitude Cafe generate enough revenue to cover the cost of their Bellwether while increasing quality, and taking ownership of their brand.
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