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Creating a Better Coffee Program: 5 Ways to Improve Quality and Stand Out


Here’s everything you need to know about improving coffee quality at your café by defining quality, developing a knowledge program, roasting in-house, and more.

Multi-Location Coffee Brands: Growing Beyond Your First Location


Thinking about opening a second coffee shop? Here’s everything you need to know about defining your motivation, knowing your numbers, documenting processes, and more.

How To Start Sourcing Direct Trade Green Coffee Beans


Here’s what you need to know about direct trade green coffee sourcing: how to get started, the pros and cons, and other considerations.

The Best Marketplaces To Buy Green Coffee Beans Directly From Growers


Want to buy green beans directly from growers? Had enough of dealing with importers and myriad fees? Keep reading.

The Sustainable Micro-Roastery Is the 4th Wave of Coffee


Coffee’s fourth wave is here. Are you ready for it? We’ll show you what to expect for the next coffee movement and how to prepare.

Starting Your Own Coffee Brand: Getting Your First 1,000 Customers


Starting a new coffee brand? Here are practical tips for how to get your first 1,000 customers, whether you’re a new coffee shop or a coffee roaster.

Supporting women farmers: A case study of our impact work in Guatemala


Bellwether’s flagship impact programs are helping coffee retailers end poverty in the coffeelands by connecting coffee drinkers to coffee growers in groundbreaking new ways. Read on to learn about the impact Bellwether customers have had in the lives of women farmers in Guatemala.
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