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Coffee Growers Revive their Coffee Culture in a Sustainable Way

Colombia Magia del Campo

Magia del Campo comes from Tolima, a region in Colombia once rocked by violence. This coffee is grown by a cooperative called Asociación de Productores Agropecuarios de Café Especial de Planadas (ASOPEP) who historically had problems accessing finance due to a misperception of Tolima being a hostile place for investors and moneylenders.
Founded in 2013, ASOPEP has become a success story in the region, working against these antiquated perceptions and building a reputation based on quality, reliability, and transparency. Their quality control lab tastes and segments lots, and the cuppers include a group of young men and women enthusiastic to learn and help their community.

Farm Story:

ASOPEP is a relatively young organization and has already become a leader. It has 275 members, more than any other association in Tolima, and it is the only cooperative with complete coffee infrastructure to control the entirety of processing, quality control, transportation, and commercialization.
The general manager, Camilo Enciso, is a regional leader and an advocate for the Planadas‑region cooperatives. He catalyzed a partnership between several Planadas cooperatives, which has led to greater market visibility for the region and increased presence at trade shows and coffee events around the country.

Tasting Notes

Colombia Magia de Campo Lot #1

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Plum, Cherry Process: Washed Elevation: 1600‑1950 MASL

Colombia Magia de Campo Lot #2

Tasting Notes: Caramel, Plum, Cacao Nibs Process: Washed Elevation: 1600‑1950 MASL

ASOPEP is Helping to Transform Planadas through Education and Optimism in the Future.

ASOPEP is a great producer partner to Bellwether and the first beneficiary of Tip the Farmer, our impact program that helps farmers earn a fair wage and invest in their communities and futures by enabling coffee drinkers to financially contribute to producers behind each cup.
ASOPEP received a Tip the Farmer payment of nearly $3,000 in April and immediately allocated the funds to mitigating the risk of spread of COVID‑19.
They purchased PPE for all of the healthcare workers and launched an initiative to deliver essential services to producers living outside of town to protect producers from contracting the coronavirus.
The resiliency that the producers of ASOPEP have demonstrated in this unprecedented time is one of the many reasons we are proud to partner with them. To learn more about supporting producer groups like ASOPEP and Tip the Farmer™ email
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