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Anyone can roast

67% of Bellwether customers have never roasted before.

Anyone can roast their own incredible coffee.

Bellwether took away the barriers to roasting our own coffee. It felt like it was turnkey

Mike Vucurevitch, Founding Farmers

Any business should be able to roast their own coffee.

We believe in breaking down barriers to enable anyone to roast. Historically, most businesses never have the opportunity to roast due to high startup costs and cost of experienced labor.
Making a difference

Impact programs to create a better future for coffee.

Anyone can roast

Bellwether Roast Accelerator

“We designed Roast Accelerator with the understanding that not all small business owners have the same opportunities when starting a business and believe that empowering diverse communities to sustainably source and roast their own coffee will create positive change for the entire coffee industry.” ‑ Bellwether Founder, Ricardo Lopez

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